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Contamination of Wells by Well Drilling Techniques


Well drilling is the procedure of drilling a hole into the earth for the extraction of an underground natural resource like oil, brine, gas, or groundwater for the injection of a fluid into the earth's surface or for surface surveys, evaluation or tracking. It also involves the mechanical process of extracting fluids from the earth by means of wells. The drilling of wells involves geotechnical and engineering problems. This is done to locate and evaluate the location of the well and to design the well so that it can produce the desired amount of fluid with minimum cost and with maximum efficiency.


Up to date new technologies have been developed in order to minimize any accidents related to the blairnorris drilling or pump installation of wells. One of the major issues which should be considered while drilling a well is the contamination of the site. A well site can be contaminated by numerous contaminants like oil, gas, salt water, etc. Oil contamination may lead to water contamination, land contamination, and air pollution. All these contaminations need to be removed before the drilling of the well can take place. To remove these contaminants, Heitman drilling procedures are adopted.


Apart from natural contamination, there may be several other contaminants that should be removed from the site before well drilling takes place. These impurities can range from soil to animal feces or dead bodies. All these impurities need to be removed and disposed of properly. A well contractor who is hired for performing this task is called a well-drilling contractor.


Before the drilling can start, a temporary barrier must be laid on the area where drilling will take place. This barrier will keep all the drilling materials and the drilling machinery from coming in contact with the groundwater or the aquifer beneath. It prevents the drilling machinery or any other material to pollute the water source. Once the drilling commences, the drilling operator has to control the water level in the well with the help of an electronic pump. The pump is used to pull up water from the well at depths below fifteen feet so that the water source does not become damaged. Discover more info about drilling at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drill.


Another major contamination issue that occurs at a drilling site is the contamination of the water table. The water table is the lowest point in an aquifer where the concentration of dissolved oxygen and other minerals reaches a saturation level. If the water table of the aquifer is contaminated, it becomes difficult for the organisms to survive and it results in contamination of the surrounding environment as well.


Blairnorris Well drilling is a very crucial job. In order to make the holes in the earth's surface, heavy machines are required which are operated by trained professionals. These machines include well augers, well busters, well filters, well paint, well pumps, wellbores, well diggers, and well drives. Only experienced and trained personnel should operate all such machines. This is because drilling on underground surfaces requires the use of very sharp equipment and hence the chances of contamination of the surroundings are always present.